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Evolutionists Battle New Theory on Creation
on 2001/4/9 23:45:02 ( 857 reads )


KANSAS, USA, April 8, 2001: When Kansas school officials restored the theory of evolution to statewide education standards a few weeks ago, biologists might have wanted to declare victory over creationism -- the belief of some Christians that the world was created by God 4,000 years ago in one week. Instead, some evolutionists say that the issue is far from settled. Now evolutionists find themselves arrayed against the "intelligent design theory," which accepts that the Earth is billions of years old, but disputes the idea of natural selection. They believe instead that the living creatures we see today must be the work of an intelligent designer much like the biblical God. Some are open to other explanations, such as that life was seeded by a meteorite from elsewhere in the cosmos, possibly involving extraterrestrial intelligence or a mysterious but inanimate life force.

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