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Honoring the Deities of Music
on 2014/6/22 19:57:41 ( 975 reads )


KARNATAKA, INDIA, June 15, 2014 (New Indian Express): Come summer, the banks of Cauvery teem with known Carnatic musicians, connoisseurs, budding artists and ordinary village folk converging on the remote village of Rudrapatna in Hassan, Karnataka. However, for most visitors, it is also an occasion to visit Rudrapatna's unique temple dedicated to music and the great Carnatic composers.

The Saptaswara Temple is exquisitely sculpted in the form of a tanpura. It's an allegory of ragas, since the tanpura only supports and sustains music by providing resonance based on the basic or key note. Hence, at Saptaswara Temple, the pooja, sevas and offerings are performed as per different ragas.

Seven stone Deities adorn this unique complex: the Goddess of knowledge and the six great Carnatic music composers--Purandara dasa, Thyagraja, Muthuswamy Dikshitar, Shyama Sastry, Vadiraja and Kanakdasa. These represent the concept of Saptaswara of Indian classical music, denoting seven swaras : Nadadevate-Sharada (Sa), Purandaradasa (Ri), Vadiraja (Ga), Kanakadasa (Ma), Thyagaraja (Pa), Muttuswamy Dikshitar (Da) and Shyama Sastry (Ni).

As one enters the temple, the notes of the tanpura greet the visitor as worshippers pay obeisance. As you stand in front of each statue, which is equipped with a sensor, it starts narrating the life and musical contribution of each composer for three minutes in Kannada.

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