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Italian Scientist to Try Human Cloning
on 2001/8/8 23:49:02 ( 787 reads )


LONDON, ENGLAND, August 1, 2001: A controversial Italian embryologist Professor Severino Antinori is preparing to impregnate up to 200 women with cloned embryos in November. The move will reignite a debate about the ethics and safety of cloning as an infertility treatment. Antinori, whose clinic in Rome enabled a 62-year-old woman to have a baby in 1994, said that up to 200 couples from several countries, including eight from Britain, were being selected for the cloning project and would be treated free of charge. The Sunday Times reported that he intended to use a technique which involved taking a nucleus from a cell belonging to the man which is inserted into a woman's egg cell from which the nucleus has been removed. The embryo is then implanted in her womb. Antinori acknowledged that international hostility to cloning meant that he could be forced to work in a remote country, or even on a ship in international waters.

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