Oldham Riots Ignited by Racial Tension

Date 2001/6/8 9:46:02 | Topic: Hindu Press International


OLDHAM, ENGLAND, May 30, 2001: There is community consensus that the riots began with an argument between two teenage boys -- one white, one a Briton of Pakistani origin -- but the underlying reasons are more complex. Racism among whites, increasing lawlessness among South Asian youths, and high unemployment in this economically-depressed mill town are some of the factors that combined to culminate in the worst UK race riots in 15 years. As many as 500 nonwhite youths battled police officers in riot gear, and 25 people were injured. Sporadic violence continued on Sunday and Monday nights, with more damage to property. Each ethnic group feels that the other was ultimately responsible for the rioting, oversimplifying the area's complex socioeconomic environment.

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