Sree Maha Rudra Yegnam at the Hindu Temple of Atlanta

Date 2001/7/25 9:45:02 | Topic: Hindu Press International


ATLANTA, GEORGIA, July 23, 2001: The Hindu Temple of Atlanta is holding the Sree Maha Rudra Yegnam during August 31 to September 3, 2001. Sree Maha Rudram is one of the most energetic forms of chanting Sri Rudram, a revered section of the Yajur Veda. Reciting the entire Sri Rudram 1,331 times, followed by chanting of Chamakam a couple of times completes Sree Maha Rudram. Chanting of Sri Rudram is the penance for the Pancha Mahapaathakas or the five great sins referred to in the scriptures, acquired in this life, or inherited through familial lineage.

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