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Temples Relocated to Prevent Traffic Buildup

on 2001/10/17 8:48:02 ( 1013 reads )


HYDERABAD, INDIA, October 7, 2001: In collaboration with the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad, two temples' managing committees have agreed to relocate their place of worship. Seetharama Anjaneya Temple at Tolichoki and a temple on the banks of the Musi River have been moved. When places of worship start to interrupt the flow of traffic, which also meant exhaust fumes had become intense inside the temple, the MCH started its program for relocation. So far only the two temples mentioned have responded positively. However, there are at least one hundred more that impede traffic. Some of these shrines were deliberately started by anti-social elements in order to secure government land for a parking lot next to their business. Any new structures started haphazardly in the name of religion on government land for selfish goals are being demolished immediately by the MCH.

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