"Jyotirath"--Chariot of Light--An Outreach Program Of Shree Umiya Mataji Mandir.

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GEORGIA, U.S., October 19, 2012 (docs.google by Sanjay Pandya): Jyotirath a glimpse of Mother Goddess Umiya's Divine form, in a symbolic form, has made its way to Umiya Mataji Mandir, Macon, Georgia. The Pranpratishta celebration of moving the statue of Mother Goddess Umiya, a one of its kind, took place in the month of August, 2012. Many devotees from Georgia and from far away took part in this unique celebration.

According to Macon Umiya Mataji Mandir, plans are that this Divine Jyotirath will travel possibly to every devotee's home in the entire USA! It is believed that they have some 10,000 such households.

Traditionally, for generations, the Patel community hailing from north Gujarat and some part of Saurashtra worship Mother Goddess Umiya. Popularly known as Patel, this sub-section of Patel called "Kadava Patidar" reserves a special place in their heart for Mother Goddess Umiya. Unjha, Gujarat, India is a pilgrimage place for almost all Kadava Patidar. The Umiya Mataji Mandir at Macon, Georgia is also know as Unja of USA and many devotees in USA come here to perform their family's traditional offerings, who have failed to go to Unjha for some reasons.

Today Jyotirath is touring the State of Georgia and Umiya Mataji Mandir is receiving many requests from all over the U.S. The Executive Committee of the temple has designated a large group of volunteers to accompany Jyotirath. The Jyotirath consists of a big 15 passenger converted van, decorated from outside, carries a small traditional chariot of Umiya Mataji fixed in the center and two drivers in the front seats. Other volunteers travel along this van in their own vehicles.

It is believed that wherever area this Jyotirath covers, those areas devotees becomes addition free, develops unity and receives peace and prosperity! The Jyotirath will generate substantial funds, which will be used at Umiya Mataji Mandir and in its future projects. The temple plans to acquire 15 acres of land adjacent to existing temple, to create a permanent educational complex for the second-generation exploring the rich cultural heritage of Kadva Patidar (Patel). The Jyotirath will be permanently housed there.

The Jyotirath Padharamani, picture, videos and schedules will be posted on their website: www.umiyamataji.com.

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