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"Phone Home" Gets Easier in Rural India

on 2001/8/8 9:46:02 ( 1363 reads )


BANGALORE, INDIA, Aug. 3, 2001: In the seas southwest of here off the coast of southern India, fishermen are already in touch with the dozen-odd seafood markets around here, checking prices at different ports by mobile phone. One fisherman, Ratish Karthikeyan, says that since he acquired his BPL mobile service over a year ago, his profit on each eight-day fishing run in his trawler has doubled. The 5,000 fishermen off the coast of Kerala to garment exporters in Tiruppur to farmers in Punjab in the north, rural India has discovered the convenience of doing business on mobile phones. It is an example of "leap frog" technology whereby the villages can go directly to the latest in mobile phone service, and not slowly evolve to it as the cities have done.

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