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7,000-Year-Old Temple in Malleswaram

on 2001/10/18 8:47:02 ( 4243 reads )


MALLESWARAM, INDIA, October 15, 2001: The ancient Nandeeshwara Temple at Malleswaram 17th cross was discovered only three years ago, but it has stood for 7,000 years. According to residents nearby, the temple was completely buried under a flat parcel of land. Three years ago when a politician tried to sell the plot, people requested that the land should first be dug through to see if they could find something. When they began digging up the land, they found the temple buried underneath, in perfect condition, preserved by the thick layers of soil. The temple was enclosed within a stone courtyard. At the far end of the courtyard, a black stone Nandi dispensed water from its mouth directly on to a Siva Lingam made out of the same black stone. Steps led to a small pool in the center of the courtyard where the water collected. The center of the pool had a 15-foot deep whirlpool. Everything remains the same today. Nobody knows where the water comes from and how it passes from the mouth of the Nandi to the Siva Lingam. Nobody knows how the whirlpool came into being. The source of water, the sculptor, even the time when it was built remains a mystery.

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