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American Hindus Against Defamation Profiled
on 2001/8/7 23:49:02 ( 951 reads )


SAN DIEGO, USA, Aug 4, 2001: Ajay Shah's family had been associated with the RSS for many decades. Nearly 35 years later, Shah, a scientist with an American firm in San Diego, proudly declares his continuing association with the RSS, and is known for his passionate role in the formation of the watchdog group, American Hindus Against Defamation. Some of AHAD's campaigns have caught the attention of mainstream media, and articles about the organization have appeared in several American publications. Its campaign against fictionalizing Hindu Gods in an episode of the TV series Xena got a lot of coverage. And then there was the orgy sequence in Stanley Kubrick's film Eyes Wide Shut that used a Sanskrit shloka, and AHAD prevailed in the protest. "We were able to do all this without having an office, expensive attorneys or funding, says an exultant Shah. "What we do is purely a labor of love and for the cause of dharma." Some people have challenged him to think about the First Amendment. "I firmly believe in the First Amendment," he says. But he also believes in the right to oppose.

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