Asians Lead in Australian Population Growth

Date 2001/6/9 9:46:02 | Topic: Hindu Press International


CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA, June 9, 2001: The Australian Social Trends 2001, compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, shows that the Asian-born proportion of the population is the most rapidly growing. The Australian-born caucasian is being replaced by predominantly Asian immigrants and their offspring. Based on last year's figures compiled by the annual study, 4.5 million people or a quarter of the population were born overseas, 1.1 million of them in Asia. The Asian-born component of the population is expected to continue to be the fastest-growing as Asian immigration grows and Asians already in Australia have children. The Asian population is concentrated in the 20-44 year age group. About 91 per cent live in capital cities. Asian women outnumber Asian men, particularly among Filipino immigrants where males are outnumbered by two to one. The largest source country is Vietnam, at 3.9 per cent or 174,000 of the Asian-born population. This is due to the influx of boat people who started arriving in the late 70s. Other studies have shown that the greatest rate of increase in inter-marriages is between Anglo men and Asian women.

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