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Balinese In Melbourne Raise Funds For Temple

on 2014/7/17 4:32:27 ( 1626 reads )


MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, June 24, 2014 (Bali Daily): The Balinese community living in Melbourne, Australia, is raising funds to build a Hindu temple in the city where they have established a banjar (customary hamlet) with around 300 members.

At an estimated cost of US$167,000, the community is appealing to local businesses in Bali to help raise funds to build a place where they can hold gatherings and activities to celebrate Balinese art and culture.

"We really hope that one day we can have a dedicated place for our activities. We want to build a temple here," said Nyoman Dwija Putra. He added that building a hall and a temple was necessary to facilitate the many Balinese people marrying Australians. "We believe it would play an important role as a place to celebrate Balinese art and culture. Many of the Balinese living here are in mixed marriages. Their children often miss out on their Balinese heritage," he explained.

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