Deepavali Celebrations In Singapore

Date 2012/11/16 3:08:10 | Topic: Hindu Press International


SINGAPORE, November 2012 ( Devotees gathered in Hindu temples on Tuesday morning to recite special prayers for Deepavali, ushering in the Hindu New Year. Following Hindu customs, devotees also received sweets from the temples and Indian basil from the priests before heading off to visit family and friends.

At the Tech Offshore Marine (S) Pte Ltd, where many of its 500 staff are Indian foreign workers, Deepavali celebrations kicked off with a tasty spread. Prayers were held onsite, and workers also received envelopes of money as gifts. The company wanted to bring the festive cheer to its foreign workers, despite them being miles away from their hometowns.

Meanwhile the Istana grounds came alive with the energetic beats of numerous musical and dance performances, delighting many who spent the Deepavali public holiday at the Istana Open House.

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