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Hindu Religious Institutions Bill Approved
on 2000/11/27 8:49:02 ( 1342 reads )

Source: The Hindu, November 26, 2000

BANGALORE, INDIA: With the purpose of bringing uniform law to religious institutions, the Legislative Council passed the Hindu Religious Institutions Bill on Friday, November 25th. The Bill, replacing seven former acts in Karnataka State, will bring more than 43,000 Hindu temples, maths, and religious groups under the control of a commissioner. Officers and staff, including temple priests, will be paid wages from the government, not temple funds. According to The Hindu, "The Minister of State for Charitable Institutions and Religious Endowments, Mr. Baburao Chinchansoor, assured the members that the government would not interfere in the affairs of these institutions." However, if inconsistencies are charged, administrators will be appointed by the government to rectify. The act only applies to Hindu institutions; those of Christians and Muslims are free from government control.

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