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Idol Desecration Sparks Tension

on 2001/8/24 9:47:02 ( 1336 reads )

Source: The Hindu

JAIPUR, INDIA, August 19, 2001: Community tensions prevailing in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan took a serious turn today with the reported dismantling of an idol of a folk deity of the Mali community at a "chabutra" -- temporary festival platform -- in Subhash Nagar on the outskirts of Bhilwara city. The idol was found broken this morning while the platform was intact. The idol was that of "Jujhaarji," whom the Malis worship to invoke blessings for their ancestors. Malis refused to install a new idol at the platform, saying its consecration would be possible only at an auspicious time, which would take another two months to begin. Bhilwara district has experienced several similar communal incidents in the past month. Today's incident was the fifth in a row after the desecration of a mosque in Pander village last Monday.

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