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No Loudspeakers After 10:00 PM for Mumbai Navaratri Dancing

on 2001/10/20 8:49:02 ( 1287 reads )


MUMBAI, INDIA, October 19, 2001: Dance organizers have decided not to challenge the state government's orders prohibiting the use of loudspeakers after 10:00 pm. For the first time in 20 years, Mumbai's famous garba dance was not held on the first night of Navratri as a mark of protest. Traditionally, garba celebrations go on till well past midnight. However, this new rule has hit the organizers hard. There are 15 major dance mandals (locations) in the city and ticket sales alone amount to thousands in profits each year. With the festivities cut short, organizers say they will lose much money Jitendra Mehta, Chairman, Ghatkopar Gujarat Samaj revealed, "We sell most of the tickets three days before the festival starts. Because of this whole dispute over the new order, in the last three days, we have sold very few tickets." This decision has however come as a welcome respite for the residents who live near the mandals and have to bear the brunt of loudspeakers throughout the night. Visit for a thorough introduction to Navaratri, Mumbai style.

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