Tampin Strongman Sets New Record

Date 2001/1/11 8:47:02 | Topic: Hindu Press International


KLANG, MALAYSIA: January 8, 2001: Tampin born V. Rathakrishnan, noted by the Malaysia Book of Records as the man with the strongest teeth, successfully set another record yesterday. He used his teeth to pull a 37.35 ton train coach for a distance of 8.37m at the Klang railway station, surpassing his first effort in 1995 where he pulled a 10.8 ton bus a distance of 5.12m. When Rathakrishnan started his attempt, the coach refused to budge. After several starts and stops and attempts to focus, he finally succeeded and the coach inched forward. With encouragement from the crowd, he reached just past the 8m mark in about 4 minutes then collapsed, exhausted, on the track. Later, Rathakrishnan revealed to the press he had been suffering from a cold and a slight fever. Officers from the Malaysia Book of Records confirmed his accomplishment.

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