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Teenager Encourages Peers to Pursue Spirituality
on 2000/12/4 22:47:02 ( 971 reads )


EAST ELMHURST, NEW YORK (July 13, 2000): A select few are born in every century to light the spark of love, devotion, and selfless service among their communities. Young Kavindra Jaganan, age 16, is doing that very thing at the recently completed Hindu Sanatan temple in East Elmhurst, New York. Following in the steps of his priestly forefathers, he encourages the youth of the Indo-Caribbean community to get in touch with themselves so that they become better people. The mandir, costing in excess of one million U.S. dollars, is a reflection of the community's determination, hard work, and sheer devotion. The end result is an ornate structure of ancient tradition where the area's Hindu worshippers can be spiritually uplifted. Devotees are descendants of early immigrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bengal in India. Operating with volunteer priests, the temple is open for morning and evening pujas. The temple group's future goals include development of youth religiously and culturally by sponsoring trips to India, establishing scholarships for underprivileged children, and promoting programs to help senior citizens, to name only a few.

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