The Presidential Election Snarl: An Astrological Analysis

Date 2000/11/9 8:49:02 | Topic: Hindu Press International

Source: Hinduism Today

KAPAA, HAWAII: According to the Hindu astrological system of jyotish, Al Gore and Gorge W. Bush both have Cancer "lagna," or ascendant. This means the planets transiting their charts are in identical houses. For example, Saturn and Jupiter are right now in the sign of Taurus, which puts them in the 11th house of both candidates, indicating fulfillment of ambitions. Hence, a very close race. Of course, each candidate has the nine planets at birth in different placements in their chart, so the Moon's placement in each chart becomes a key to their prospects of winning. In Jyotish there is a simple system used to determine whether or not it is a good day for you, based solely on the fixed stars the Moon is in alignment with. This is call "tarabala" or star strength. On election night the Moon came into the star of uttaraprostapada, which is the 8th from Mr. Gore's birth star, "friendly for the execution of normal affairs," and the 4th from Mr. Bush's birth star, "success at your endeavors." Again the stars looked pretty good for both, but slightly better for Bush. But, as we know, the polling didn't finish on election night. The following evening of November 8, the Moon came into alignment with the star of revati, which is 9th from Gore's star indicating, "very friendly for achieving your desired ends," and 5th from Bush's star, "obstacles to your endeavors." And suddenly Gore's prospects were improving and the Presidency started to slip through the hands of Bush. The Moon remained in this position until 6:08pm EST, Nov 9. Now for the next 24 hours the tables are turned again in favor of Bush, "fulfillment of ambitions" and not so fortunate for Gore, "danger to the body, no risky actions." The word is the final results may not be in until next Tuesday. On that day until 12:17pm EST, the stars are bad for both of them. After 12:17 pm, it's "financial prosperity" for Bush and "fulfillment of ambitions" for Gore.

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