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Without A Single Temple To Go To, Hindus In Islamabad Celebrate Diwali Anyway

on 2012/11/16 3:08:04 ( 1902 reads )

The Express Tribune, Karachi

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN, November 14, 2012 (The Express Tribune, by Riazul Haq): While the main celebrations for Diwali are set to be held in Gracy Lines Temple near Benazir Bhutto International Airport on Wednesday, a number of people celebrated the festival at home amongst friends and family.

Also known as Deepavali, literally meaning "row of lamps," the day is celebrated for victory of good over evil within an individual. The day also marks the day Lord Rama returned after 14 years of exile. "It means to light yourself from within and keep away from impurities," said Bhesham, a 35-year-old shopkeeper. Bhesham runs a handicraft shop with his brother Suresh Kumar and cousin Santosh. "It is the day of lights and sweets with celebrations at night. We light clay lamps, candles and burst crackers to keep the evil away," said Bhesham.
The Hindu community in Islamabad is small: almost 20 families, most of them living in F-6, according to Bhesham. Santosh added that on this special night they note down the prices of wheat, rice, cotton and gold. "The purpose is to remember the dearness [of these goods] and do Laxmi puja to the Goddess of wealth," he said.

While the Hindus in Islamabad, unlike the rest of the country, have had little problems with Muslims, there are still things that they yearn for: such as a temple for worshipping. "The Muslims have their mosques to worship, Christians have churches but we Hindus [in Islamabad] have no place to gather and celebrate and worship on our holy occasions," said Suresh, who lives in Islamabad.

He said currently there are two temples in Islamabad, one at Saidpur Village and the other at Rawal Dam. The Saidpur temple has been turned into a tourist attraction and the Rawal Dam temple is in litigation, with Hindus not allowed access to it, he added. The Rawal Dam temple is also in bad condition, and while a number calls for its maintenance have been made, little has been done.

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