While some faiths view man as sinful by nature, Hinduism holds that our inmost self is the divine and taintless soul, or atma
Exploring four popular approaches to four spiritual regimens: karma yoga, bhakti yoga, raja yoga and jnana yoga
Progressing from our instinctive to intellectual to spiritual nature, our soul unfolds to resplendence like a beautiful lotus
If we start at the beginning and work systematically, we can replace undesirable qualities with their opposites
Establish a formal shrine room as the family's place of communion with the Divine through worship and meditation
Uplift the spirit of everyone you meet by expressing kindness, gratitude, appreciation and encouragement
For best results in passing on your faith, present concepts as life-enhancing tools rather than life-restricting rules
Five core disciplines for bringing our inner perfection into our intellectual, emotional and instinctive nature
The company we keep affects our attitudes, speech and actions as profoundly as the foods we eat
A peaceful and effective life is waiting for those who undertake the not-so-easy work required to live in the eternal now
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